School Buildings

In 2006 the Charles Kingsley's School Development Trust was set up to raise nearly £2m to bring the school buildings up to modern day standards. The work is to be completed in four phases, probably extending over up to a 10 year period. The first phase - building two new classrooms; upgrading two existing classrooms and provision of a library in the 1853 Old Schoolroom - was completed in September 2008. Phase 2 - the remaining upgrading of existing classrooms was completed in September 2009.

Phase 3 – consisted of alterations and some new build to improve the reception area, school kitchen, and school office. This work was completed in August 2011. The final part of this phase was the provision of the staff room, something CKS had never had. This was completed in August 2012.

Phase 4 - consists of a new purpose built Community Arts and Technology Suite (CATS) to provide a dedicated arts, music and dancing space and to replace the existing ICT suite which is currently located in the corridor leading to the main school entrance. Funding for this final phase has yet to be identified.



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